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Everyones Safety begins here

Safety for all

(Please take a few minutes to read this page carefully)

Dangerous acts

We have numerous safety officers within the club, they can be approached regarding any safety issue you may wish to report to them, if the issue is serious you as an individual have the right to stop all shooting until the issue is resolved.  Your age is not a barrier, but if you don't feel confident enough to stop someone doing something that is potentially dangerous, inform any safety officer, he will act on it for you. Safety Officers have an SCTA safety officers breast badge sewn on their shooting vests or some may be wearing Orange Baseball Caps with their name and Safety Officer stitched on it.The Club Secretary will also wear an Orange Cap with his name, title and Safety Officer stitched on it.

Personnel Protection

Over the years we have had some minor incidents involving clay fragments hitting shooters, so we introduced the mandatory use of Eye protection & Hearing protection, and we advise the use of headwear. People that do not comply with this will be asked to stop shooting until they do comply, if they are not willing to comply they will be kindly asked to leave the club. The Club will not be responsible for people that don't comply.

Stop shooting immediately

If you hear a blast from a siren, air horn or a whistle stop shooting and make your gun safe immediately, the all clear will be announced by another blast of the siren, air horn or the whistle. 

Gun Slips

When your valuable gun is not in use, please keep it in a gun slip, the gun slip will protect your valuable gun against weather, broken clays, and also lets others know the gun is safe. The Club will not be responsible for damage to Guns.


The Club has individuals trained to operate and re-fill the traps after use, if you have not had training please keep away from the traps, they can cause serious injury.

No juniors are allowed to go near the traps, and preferably no ladies either.

New Members

Visitors to Cawdor will be required to go round our layouts with a Club member who can show the visitor where to expect the birds to come from.


We love having novices come to Cawdor and begin their shooting career with us, and we have policies in place for them, they must wear a Hi-Visibility vest, this allows everyone on the shooting circuit to see from distance that there is a novice shooting and they can be easily observed. The novice must be accompanied by a club member, and must have had the basic training in gun handling, and must have had lessons on the trainer trap before progressing to the sporting layout.


We will always listen to suggestions from members or non members, feel free to approach the committee if you have any points you would like to share with us.

Vehicle Parking

Members and visitors to Cawdor Clay Pigeon Club are welcome to use our car parks, but the Club will not be responsible for any damage or loss from vehicles using the Car Parks, please lock your car while shooting.

Please enjoy your shoot at Cawdor Clay Pigeon Club


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