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Safety Awareness

  • Cawdor Clay Pigeon Club has an excellent safety record and we want to keep it that way by you adhering to the following points.
  • As mentioned on the previous page, we have over twenty registered Scottish Clay Target approved Safety Officers; some will be present at every shoot to oversee events on shoot days.
  • But don’t forget every individual is a Safety Officer.
  • If you think you are watching someone doing something wrong, they probably are, and you should let them know.
  • There are Risk Assessments available on the notice board.
  • If you hear a whistle being sounded stop shooting immediately, make your gun safe and await further instruction before you continue shooting.
  • All mechanical devices are dangerous; so please do not approach the traps under any circumstances unless you have had proper training and permission from us.
  • Any young visitors will wear high visibility vests to be easily seen. They should also remain in the clubhouse during shooting, depending on age.
    If they are walking about they must wear hearing and eye protection and a hat.

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